A Better Way to Set Goals and Grow to 7 Figures and More, Today!

A Better Way to Set Goals and Grow to 7 Figures and More, Today! Set goals that you can actually go out and execute.

Have you heard comments like the following about goal setting, self-help, personal improvement and the likes? 

  • That is common sense
  • Everyone knows that
  • Nothing new

Comments like these are often made by those that accomplish little. 

Funny thing is, they are right. 

It is true.  Common sense, most know and nothing new.

Yet , when put into practice and executed it is like magic happens.  Goals are realized and accomplished.

The real irony is this is the process most take to become successful.

To scale and grow a business the process can be simple and common sense.

“Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.”

Tony Robbins

Set the Goal

  • Be Held Accountable
  • Involve Your Staff or Team
  • Measure Progress in Real Time

Check out the video and see how I put this in action with my staff and grew 20% year over year and how I would do it BETTER today!

Involve your staff and team, give them ownership and a piece of the action…They often know more than you and contribute real time feedback.

The Score Board, track your progress.  Make it SIMPLE.  Everyone on the staff and team that contributes to the goal needs to set it daily.  Mine was way to much information.

Make sure your score board is NOT numbers at the end of the month…. It is too late if they are after the fact.  The data was a month old and it was too late to change.

Understand what drives your business and its growth.  Ask, What can you do right now to have the greatest impact moving the needle?

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