Likes and Comments Do Not Equal Sales and How to Fix That

Social media can be a powerful tool to grow your business. It is a free and easy way to get in front of your customers and potential customers.

Businesses often make a big mistake on social media. 

The business confuse likes, follows or subscribers with increased business.

Likes and Comments Do Not Equal Sales and How to Fix That


Take personal trainers or coaches. Many have a significant following, but not a significant number of sales.


Likes/Follows/Subscribers Do Not Equal Sales

The personal trainer or coach shares the wrong content and attracts an audience that will never become a paying customer.

Traditionally this is what is referred to as unqualified leads.

Likes, follows and subscribers by the RIGHT audience can equal sales. Social media can be a powerful tool to grow your business.

There is a significant difference.

How to Change This

1) Clearly define your customer

2) Solve a problem your potential customer has, not a problem YOU think they have

3) Spend most of your time on the social media platform your customer is on

4) Confirm they have the means to purchase your goods or services

5) Produce content that your customers consume

One through five above require time invested researching your customer and the market.

“Approach each customer with the idea ofhelping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal,not of selling a product or service.” — Brian Tracy

A business that has clearly defined their target customer, placed content on the right social platform will turn social media into a powerful revenue generating tool.

Interesting things happen when social media is done right.

· The business does not need a HUGE following just the RIGHT audience.

· Clear understanding of the customer produces a greater connection and long-term potential to build a large following of qualified leads. It just takes time.

Chase sales dollars, not follows and likes and social media will be a powerful tool to grow your business!

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