Make Money Not Friends and Grow Your Business

Top Mistake Business Owners Make Costs Sales Revenue and How to Fix it Today!  ?

?  You are in the business of business… and revenue, or MONEY is the oxygen to keep your business alive.   Without incoming revenue your business will suffocate and die.

The Law of 7 states that a consumer needs to see your message on average 7 times before they buy.  This means you have to be disciplined and follow up.

Unfortunately, business owners get hung up on following up.  There is this feeling in the gut that they are going to upset people.  That people won’t be their friends.  Someone might get bad.

Business is about busines not making friends.

You must follow up and ask for the sale.

? You can be nice. 

? You can make friends. 

? You can do this while asking for the sale. 

? You have to be willing to ASK And Follow Up and ASK again for the sale!

The goal is to grow your business… making friends is a bonus.

You must be top of mind when your customer realizes they have the problem that you offer the solution to.

There is nothing wrong with following back up!  

Keep in mind this must be systemized part of business operations.  Systemizing the follow up means it can be automated and most importantly easily taught to staff.

People run the systems and systems run the business.  

Some people will never be a customer.  

That is ok.  

Others might get upset with your follow up.  

That too is OK.  

For those that want to make everyone happy get into the ice cream business.

If you are not in the ice cream business systemize the follow up and drive recurring revenue.  

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Top Mistake Business Owners Make Costs Sales Revenue and How to Fix it Today!

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