6 Simple Strategies to Get Everything You Can Out of Social Media Today

6 Steps to Get the Most Out of Social Media Today!

6 Simple Strategies to Get Everything You Can Out of Social Media Today

Social media, there is a platform for every business.  Social media offers the opportunity for low or no cost ability to reach your target market.  The opportunity to grow and scale a business on the social media is within reach of every business if the right strategy is employed.

Fail to spend time on the front end, and social media can cost significant money and time.  Like everything in business time has to be invested planning on the front end.  Social media is NO Different.

We spent over $70K marketing on social… looking back the 6 simple strategies would have saved a money and time.  

1 Define Who Your Customer Is 

You must understand who your customer is and what problem you solve for them.  Most businesses can benefit from spending time building out a customer avatar.  This information is useful for more than social media.  

2 Understand Where they Spend Time Digitally

Demographics exist for all of the social media platforms.  Once you understand your customer see step 1 above, you will know things like they age and gender.  Look up CURRENT demographics on social platforms.  Which platform is your customer on.  That is the first social platform to start using.

3 Be Consistent

Once you have identified the social platform your customer is on it is time to get going.  Start posting.  Keep in mind you must be consistent.  If time only allows one post per day, great start there.  If it is every other day, great start there. Just be consistent!

4 Don’t Try and Be on EVERY Platform, but be on the RIGHT Platform for Your Biz

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is trying to be on every platform.  Stop.  This is not necessary.  Look at the demographic data…. Your customers likely spend most of their time on 2-3 platforms.  Pick the one they are on the most and get consistent sharing and participating there first.  

Trying to be on every platform makes little sense and will only serve to frustrate and convince you social media is just not worth the time. 

5 Create Content List, Generate 2-3 Weeks of Content, Video, Text, Blogs, etc.

Create a content list.  Leverage Google and YouTube search and see what you customers are searching for.  Type some phrases your customer likely search for in the search bar on both and see what popular search terms show up.  

Make a list of topics.  Start generating content around each.  We like to start with 21 topics and corresponding pieces of content.  This provides 3 weeks of one post per day content.  Content can be video or text and even better a mix of both. 

6 Engage with others on the platform

Social media is called social for a reason.  You must be present and active on the platforms.  Each of the platform’s algorithm will reward you for doing so.  Social media does not work if you are not engaging and participating.  Don’t let cold feet or fear of how you will be perceived stop you from participating.  


7 Once Consistently posting on one platform…  start to post more often and expand to the next platform.

Once you have been at it for a while start posting on the second most used platform by your customer.  Same things follow steps 1-6 above.  Save time by repurposing that content you already created in step 5.  

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