Want More Sales and to Grow Your Business, ASK for the SALE?

Sales is easy.  It is nothing more than connecting people with the solution to their problems.  Who does not like to help others resolve their problems?

There is often a disconnect.  The customer has a problem and the salesperson the solution.  The salesperson presents the solution and then drops the ball and does not ask the customer to buy.

For any number of reasons, the right solution is presented but timing is off.  Maybe there is a cash flow crunch, capital is allocated elsewhere, or key customer staff will be on vacation.  There must be a system to follow up.

1) Ask for the Sale. Most people just won’t. ? So ASK! ?. Deliver a great sales presentation and then ask for the sale.  Present solutions to the potential customer.  Just asking for the sale is part of the process.

2) Turn No’s into Not Today’s and follow up. Some suggest it can take 7, YES SEVEN impressions before a customer buys. You must keep showing up and be there when the customer is ready to buy. 

Technology makes the latter easy… leverage technology to systemize and automate the process. ?

Always ask for the sale and systemize the follow up.

?By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs…?

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