Welcome to Ergoteknix Incorporated! A business development company specializing in helping companies leverage technology to systemize the marketing and sales processes.

Business Growth and Development

Step One: only allow the right people on the team. Step Two: build simple business systems. Step Three: Remember,The RIGHT people run the systems and the systems run the business.

About Ergoteknix Incorporated

Ergoteknix Incorporated

Established in 2001 as a coaching s a business development consultancy. Our clients are in a variety of industries including medical, finance, motorsports, specialty retail, fitness and more!

Ergoteknix uses two decades of experience to help business systemize and automate so they can scale and grow from 6-7 figures and 7-8 figures in annual revenue.

Raymond M. Binkowski
Raymond M. Binkowski

Ray earned a Mechanical Engineering degree. Early in his career he worked as an engineer then transitioned to sales. From sales engineer to sales management and executive management he has experience supplying Tier I and II automotive customers, the appliance industry, off highway and more.

As an entrepreneur he has owned and operated multiple businesses. He is the author of four books.. Ray has guest lectured at colleges and universities and guest spoke to corporations. He sat on the board of directors for the Egyptian Theatre for a number of years.

Recently Ray created Small Business to Grow a place to share webcasts with industry leading entrepreneurs, tools to scale business and the “A Story Worth Sharing” podcast available on your favorite podcast provider.

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Possible Million Dollar Return on this ONE Investment, Relationships!

Possible Million Dollar Return on this ONE Investment, Relationships! Relationships are no different than a piggy bank. Just like putting pennies, nickels and quarters in the bank ensure the day you bust the bank open there is money… relationships need a consistent investment for the same reason. The day you want to leverage that relationship …